Rithin Chalumuri

Software Engineer with hands-on experience in System Design, ML, Cloud (AWS/Azure) and DevOps. I love research, automation and building tech for the future. 🌍

London, United Kingdom
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My Projects πŸš€

GitHub repositories that I've built.

🐳 Simple example of event driven communication between microservices, based on Docker containers, Docker Compose and RabbitMQ. Microservices are implemented in Node.js using Koa.
JavaScript 170 57
πŸŽ“An AI tool to assist universities with optimal allocation of students to supervisors for their dissertations. Devised a multi-objective genetic algorithm for the task.
Python 11 2
:airplane: API Backend for an aircraft maintenance application; allowing to manage flight maintenance history and engineering teams. Used Azure Functions and Azure Pipelines for CI/CD.
:car: Adapted graph neural network architecture for recommending used vehicles in an online automotive retail context. Models trained and deployed to the cloud the using PyTorch and Azure ML Service.
Python 3 1
:robot: A simulation of a simplified rover controlled by an JAM Intelligent Agent whose primary goal is to explore the rocks placed in a an two dimensional grid. Used Python for Visualizations.
Python 3 0
🚚 Easy to use python package for rapid experimentation on the classic travelling salesman problem. Contains implementations of various optimization algorithms, cool visualizers and a plug-in architecture.
Python 2 0
πŸ“‘Semantic content similarity search experiment on heartfulness.org mission literature dataset. Developed using pytorch and azure machine learning service.
Jupyter Notebook 2 0
Implementation of sets data type using an array in C++
:mag_right: Flexible utility package to query content in your local files and get back results in a friendly format.
Python 1 1

My Interests πŸ’ͺ

Tools that I've worked with and want to learn more about.

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